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Hi! So nice you’re here!

I’m Inge, the founder, and owner of Redpoint Company and INSP. INSP is the Institute for Servant-Leadership. I’ve written a PhD Thesis and two bestsellers (Echte leiders dienen and Dienend-leiderschap) on servant-leadership.

I have a passion for learning and helping others grow and succeed. As an inspirational speaker, facilitator, advisor, coach, and researcher, I work with leaders to increase their understanding of how they impact themselves and the well-being and performance of others. Servant-leadership is at the heart of everything I do. It is all about growth, fun and enriching others.

‘You feel rich when you enrich others.’

Leaders who want to develop themselves and their people based on servant-leadership are very welcome to drop a line. If you are such a leader, I love to help you put your ideas into practice and create a self-sustaining high performing culture in your company.

Therefore, if you have a leadership or organizational challenge, know that in my world anything is possible, as long as you get clear on what you want and are willing to play. I work evidence-based and translate science into practice.

‘Life’s a game you’ve got to play it,
remember you’re a champion,
and there are only winners.’

Why would you want to work with me? The best way to find out is to see what clients say about me and my team here. Read Echte leiders dienen or Dienend-leiderschap or mPhDThesis, or you could work with me for free online: Masterclass Introductie Dienend-Leiderschap or read one of my blogs.

My formal educational background? After three (cum laude) studies in psychology (University of Amsterdam) and human movement sciences (Free University, Amsterdam), I earned a Ph.D. in management (servant-leadership) from RSM Erasmus University. After all this massive cognitive development, I realized I still had a lot to do. Yes, I got some real-life-lessons (thank you!).

Those ‘lessons’ made me further develop my physical, emotional and spiritual intelligence pursuing ‘hands-on’ and ‘hearts-on’ education, such as fitness & personal training, mindfulness, heartmath, dialogue facilitator, non-violent communication, and multiple coaching and personal development programs.

Before I became a passionate ‘healthy leadership’ advocate, helping leaders transform themselves and their companies, I worked for several (global) companies, such as PwC, ING, and Novotel and traveled the world. And, ow yes, I almost forgot, I worked successfully with talented and professional athletes.

The final thing about me: I’m energetic, love slaying weights, skiing, sailing, golfing, games, jokes and eating good food with friends and family. Always on the lookout to make a meaningful impact while enjoying myself. For me, fun and taking care of oneself are pivotal to performance and life.

‘It starts with me, but it is about all of us.’


  • Would you like to make a difference?
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